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      May 1,2017
    • Notification of Acceptance Deadline:
      May 5,2017
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      May 10,2017
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      May 26,2017
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      May 27,2017

International Symposium on Bioactive Peptides (ISBP 2017)

Bioactive Peptides and Human Health


Brief Background

Functional bioactive peptides are an important constitute of functional foods. In addition to providing sources of amino acids for growth and maintenance, bioactive peptides have vast potential for improving human health and preventing chronic diseases through their impact on the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems. Our understanding with regard to preparing bioactive peptides from their parental proteins, absorption and bioavailability, metabolism, their mechanisms of action in the prevention of chronic diseases and promotion of human has made substantial progresses over the last three decades.


Purposes of the symposium:

·To discuss the newest developments and perspectives on bioactive peptide research

·To learn about the trends and opportunities in developing bioactive peptides products

·To network and develop collaborations and partnerships among the researchers, the academic and the industry participants

·To promote technology transfer for commercialization of bioactive peptides



1) Bioactive Peptides and Human Health: Opportunities and Challenges

2) Bioactive Peptides Preparation, Absorption and Metabolism

3) Mechanisms of Actions of Bioactive Peptides

4) New Bioactive Peptides Product Development and Regulation 


Chair Dr. Jianping Wu

  • Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
  • 1. University of Alberta, Canada
  • 2. Zhejiang University & University of Alberta Food for Health Joint Research Center
  • 3.Alliance of antibody-based novel drug research and industrialization, Zhejiang University
  • Goutai Biotechnology(Beijing) Co. Ltd.
  • ISBP Secretariat
  • Name: Yu Zhong
  • Email: zhongyu906@zju.edu.cn
  • Add: Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310058, China